When in Doubt – Go Raw!

More than once over the course of each day, we are faced with the ever-so-common dilemma of ‘What’s to eat?’ yet the answer is simple–choose raw foods! Pull out all the stops for that BIG salad and make sure there’s tons of dark greens and veggies to boot! Remember the avocados! Summer is here and so are all the great varieties of produce. Try something new at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. No need to stress about meals any more. The choice is yours. Raw Food is your friend and will reward you afterwards with more energy and vitality than just about anything else you could injest. Enjoy~


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Living life without additives
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1 Response to When in Doubt – Go Raw!

  1. Jeff Sekerak says:

    Great Blog ‘RawGirlFriend!’ It makes me want to go to the farmer’s market. Right now!!! Jeff.

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