Lead By Example ~ Go Raw!

A friend of mine approached me to finally change their diet, lose weight and get healthy. They asked me, “Where do I begin?” Well, as with most behavioral changes, the first task is to get your mind programmed so that choices become obvious. All change needs to start from within. Once you get your mind right, the rest is easy. Of course going raw is not for everyone although humanity can greatly benefit by it (but that’s another blog). This was factored into my suggestions for them as they began their journey. They started out excited and eager and were on their way to more mindful eating, complete with suggested meal planning and a daily food journal.

Before the end of the week, they called me dejected to report, “I realized I eat more meat than I thought.” Apparently the cravings outweighed their desire for change even though they were briefed on this initial facet of eating live food; your old eating habits will continue until you change them. It seems simple enough and yet the mind plays tricks and overrides  common sense despite all the indications otherwise. And so it goes with change.

The upshot to this exercise is simple. Lead by example. At the end of the day it only matters what YOU consume. If others choose the unhealthy choices, so be it. They will admire your discipline, strength and vitality and then short-change themselves on their own. Perhaps one day they will understand the value of living food and make the switch.  

Raw Food living is easy once you change the bad habits for the good. If you’re considering getting healthier, make the decision to go raw and stick to it. Say goodbye to the old (overweight, unhealthy) you and embrace the choices that will give you life. You can do it!  Your body and mind will thank you for it. Think green! Go Raw!


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1 Response to Lead By Example ~ Go Raw!

  1. Jeff Sekerak says:

    Great stuff Rae!!!!! Keep up the awesome raw vegan work!!! Jeff

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