What Makes a Vegan?

As most of you know, being a vegan isn’t easy these days. While we swim along in the quagmire of processed foods and aromas, our friends wince whenever the topic of food is broached. They say, “Here we go again.” with the roll of the eyes. Sure they see us looking and feeling great but for some reason, the dietary chasm between us appears far too wide to attempt a crossing. And the repeated questions are enough to drive any of us crazy; i.e. “Where do you get your protein?” or “You don’t eat cheese?!” like it’s a magic item. And then that’s followed up with, “I could never live without meat.” Do any of these ring a bell? Sure. So what makes a vegan? It’s all a matter of being mindful of what we eat as well as our awareness for everything living and pure. Is that so bad? According to our friends, it’s a big deal. Seems a bit backwards to me. Keep on keepin’ on. Stay true to ourselves no matter what our friends might say.


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