How Do I Know If It’s Raw?


Raw fruit salad, compliments of Fruit Heaven

Many times over, the question arises, “How do I know if it’s raw?” The simple (and rather obvious) answer is: if it has a label, than it’s not raw. Why does this stump so many? Perhaps it’s because the media is doing a great job of putting words such as “fresh” and “organic” on packaging. Our minds say, “Yes!” but is it wrapped? Does it list the contents? Then it’s most likely processed in some way from its original state to your local supermarket or grocer.

Raw Food (aka Living Food) is anything that has just been picked off the vine, tree, or shrub or perhaps pulled from the earth. This is the IDEAL way to enjoy living food; as is! Take a moment the next time you hold your favorite fruit or vegetable and really take a good look at it; the color, shape, size or perhaps the rind has some incredible detail that you’ve never noticed. This is nature at its best! Just wash it off and enjoy! This is the way our food is meant to be savored. If you feel compelled to cut it up so that it is visually appealing, by all means do so. Sometimes it’s the only way. And who can resist a pretty, fruit salad on a cool, white plate?

Going forward, skip the cellophane and GO RAW!

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