You’re a Vegan?!

Vegans know the tone of this question very well. “You’re a Vegan?! Wow. That’s really strict. I could never do that.” And then a hush falls on the room and suddenly all attention shifts towards you as if a foreign creature is now standing among them. Perhaps you are, in your own way. Invariably the next statement is, ‘I could never give up [___insert unhealthy food product choice here___]’. And isn’t it strange to consider that these very same people have probably overcome far greater adversity in life? So why is choosing a vegan diet such a stretch? To us raw foodies, it’s the obvious choice – especially if you have children. Aren’t they reason enough for health and longevity?

So how do Vegans respond? With some enlightening conversation about living well without meat, dairy, or processed foods. These people are taken aback because they probably never really thought that they could do it. Sure it’s easy for us, right? Maybe they just have never met a vegan face-to-face. (Hard to imagine but could very well be the case.) Or perhaps their curiosity was piqued some time ago and then faded with pressures and distractions of life. We look healthy or they wouldn’t be interested. And secretly they are thinking, ‘How can I get me some of that?’ Give them some pointers and tell them to try it for 30 days before they judge. With any luck, they will convert. And they’ll have you to thank. Now wouldn’t that be something?


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