Perception vs. Reality

Isn’t it interesting how our minds work? Our personal histories and experiences weave together and shape our thoughts and perceptions. And these quiet tapestries of our lives create a program for stimulus and response. For example, when we see a pastry, we think sweet and tasty. Perhaps as children we were rewarded with a sweet treat for being good. Yummy, right? (Are you starting to salivate?) But wait! Sometimes our minds play tricks on us and our eyes deceive us. Never could you imagine on a typical day at your local bakery to see a pastry with the name, Tuna Puff. But wait, isn’t that an Apple Turnover? No dear. It’s a BBQ Pork Puff. Huh? That just doesn’t look right.

So our perceptions are not always reality. No longer can presentation be trusted. Pay attention and choose carefully. As a Vegan, this moment really gives one pause. Don’t be fooled. These moments are all around us. Just check out your local supermarket. The marketing that goes into the selling of food is very enticing (just like those sweets in the bakery aisle). They have signs that read “organic” or “fresh”. Upon closer inspection, this will not be the case. When in doubt, read labels. You’ll find something there that doesn’t quite sit right yet it still happens every day. Better yet, save yourself the trouble and avoid all foods that are packaged.

Going forward, THINK before you reach for it, make no assumptions and, by all means, step away from the Tuna Puffs.



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