Give The Ultimate Gift – To Yourself!

Life is short. We all know this only too well. And stressful. Time is the enemy, running through the hourglass of our lives creating pressure from just about every direction to do more, have more and basically, BE more. Before too long, the pressure builds up to a breaking point then, we simply need a release. The release valves you may reach for to cope (or medicate) are not doing you any favors; alcohol, pills, or maybe shopping. What about the easiest and most popular choice of all – food! Whatever the external outlet, internally our bodies are under a lot of stress trying to process everything so it can run efficiently and keep us alive. And we can’t overlook the environment doing its share polluting us at the same time. Our bodies are under attack! The only way they can respond to this mistreatment is to manifest aches, pains and disease. It’s our body’s way of screaming at us to stop! What’s your body telling you? It may be just a whisper. Are you paying attention?

In honor of your life’s hard work and your body’s efforts to keep you alive, the single greatest gift you can give yourself is to adopt a plant-based diet. Your body will begin thanking you immediately because it won’t have to work so hard. And that’s only the beginning. You will feel better overall and those aches and pains (and/or disease for some) will begin to diminish (if not entirely disappear). You will lose weight – naturally. You will start to cope better. Your mind will attain a level of clarity that has been missing. You will look and feel younger because your cells and organs will be clean and working at their optimum for your longevity. All because you chose to give yourself the gift of life! Living food (aka raw food) is life!

Use the most of the time you have here on earth. GO RAW , add in exercise and be the healthiest person you can possibly be — internally and externally.  Isn’t it time to stop poisoning yourself and GO RAW? Aren’t you worth it?  Undeniably and unequivocally, yes!

Change your food. Change your life.


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