Simplicity at Its Finest

Have you ever really studied a strawberry? They’ve got that odd shape, the little green stem and check out those tiny seeds! What about that color! Their quirkiness lends itself to a fun experience, albeit small. The intricacies of nature are really special IF we stop long enough to experience them. Their taste stands alone. And let’s not forget that they go awesome in fruit smoothies or as a quick, guilt-free snack. The best way to get the full experience of produce is to eat it in its original state. This is what most Vegans will agree on; raw food is the only choice.

By nature (and like nature) there is a purity that cannot be overlooked. Take any fruit or vegetable, fresh from the garden, give it a quick rinse and voila! It’s ready to eat! How much easier does it get? Now, it would seem that this simple fact would appeal to most people; a quick way to prepare meals and save the hassle of planning, preparation and clean up. None of these really exist with a plant-based diet which makes it a really cool way to live. And yes, there is a little bit of peeling, chopping or slicing, but by comparison to cooking food (which usually removes all the nutrients anyways), it takes a fraction of the time. Why do so many cringe at the idea of a raw food diet? Hard to say for sure but suffice it to say that most people are really attached to their eating habits. Sound familiar?

For those of you that may be waffling at the idea of eating only fruits and veggies, take a moment to actually look at the produce assortment that is available to us. Think: abundance. It’s really amazing when you stop to think about it. We can easily reach for many varieties of both fruits and veggies pretty much any day of the week. How many people around the world can say the same? By consuming produce in its intended state (i.e. raw), we gain far more than we give up; regained youth, optimum health, renewed vibrancy and longevity. Why would anyone forgo these for one precious moment knowing they are within reach?

Change your approach to abundance. Take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of food in its purest form. 



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