Do Vegans Cheat?

The debate continues. This is a favorite topic for the non-believers (aka meat eaters most likely) who enjoy asking us Vegans repeatedly, exactly what we consume. Still! They spy on us to see if they can catch us eating something other than fruits and veggies and then if they do, they attack with the verbal barbs; ‘Is that allowed on a Vegan diet? Do you eat bread? What about whole grains or beans? What about organic chocolate? Do you use olive oil?’ You get the idea. Of course, us Vegans know the difference but shockingly, the questions remain. For those of you who may be new to the vegan choice or maybe are unsure about veganism and the components of a plant-based diet, listen up.

Simply put, a diet consisting of 85% fruit and veggies with the other 15% being nuts/seeds, maybe rice or a whole grain product or perhaps even a baked potato, is considered Vegan. Easy enough, right? Does the small variance from fruit and veggies mean we are cheating? Does this small margin mean that we are ‘bad’ and just posing as healthy because it’s popular? Or perhaps it means that we’re not really vegan when you count everything we eat? No, No and emphatically No!

It means we are human.

And as part of the human race, we may reach for a little bit of fat or salt from time to time depending on what our bodies may want or need. You see, we know our bodies well and listen to them. Do you? It may very well be that we’re long-distance runners or fitness fanatics that need those extra calories. Do we look great? Do we have a ton of energy? Are we leading by example? Yes, Yes and emphatically YES! Enough said. Move on.

Leave us to enjoy our lifestyle of smoothies and greens and reap all the benefits of a plant-based existence. For future peace and our overall sanity, let’s agree to put to rest once and for all the argument defining what veganism is:  for 85% of the time, we Vegans are living our greatness, consuming living food and expanding ourselves. The other 15% of the time? Well, we’re still enjoying a plant-based diet in a different form. Does it really matter to you how we spend time in the margin? If so, you may need to consider other hobbies. Perhaps one of the myriad of urgent global issues regarding the collapse of humanity can give you a new purpose.

For the rest of us, ignore what all the non-believers have to say. Stay true to yourself—no matter what.

Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.


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