The Vegan Creed

Vegans and veganism remain largely misunderstood and chastised by just about everyone (i.e. meat eaters) who obviously have not read or adopted the Vegan Creed. These masses have convinced themselves that eating meat (i.e. dead animals) and consuming processed foods (which create lethargy, poor judgment and illnesses), means they are better off than us raw foodies. They ridicule our meals as ‘rabbit food’ and continue their unhealthy, gluttonous consumption of the worst possible foods you could feed yourself and still survive. Many of them smoke cigarettes and consume copious amounts of alcohol–or worse. Many would rather sit and watch sports than get outside and exercise. And yet, it’s these very same people that have never tried a plant-based diet yet they overflow with unsolicited and outdated opinions that are clearly false. (i.e. having canines means that we were designed to eat meat.) Try and reason with them and an argument will surely ensue. There’s simply no reasoning with a meat-eater. Ask any Vegan.

So, let’s clear up all misunderstandings about what it is us Vegans stand for with The Vegan Creed as follows:

The Vegan Creed

We respect our bodies and choose to eat a plant-based diet.

We like being clean and alkaline at a cellular level and disease free.

We prefer looking and feeling younger and having tons of energy.

We hold sacred that animals are not commodities.

We appreciate the environment and the air we breathe.

We think and reason clearly and want what’s best for humanity.

We believe nature reveals a profound simplicity and truth that must be protected.

We embrace peace and a peaceful existence with each other and all living things.

We respect people who take maximum care of themselves by eating living food.

We support freedom in any form or expression.

We desire ultimate health and longevity.

We enjoy exercise and maintaining physical strength.

We choose raw food because it allows us to achieve all of this – and more!

And we want all of this for everyone—even you!

We Vegans deeply hope that all meat-eaters heed our cry and at least TRY a plant-based diet for an extended period of time before they say another word against either a Vegan specifically or veganism in general. And then, after they have cleaned out all the toxins and ailments and realize they don’t need pills to make them feel better, only then ask if it wasn’t the best decision they ever made for themselves and the world around them. In all likelihood, the answer will be yes. Until then, please keep your lopsided opinions to yourself and respect us raw foodies as doing our part to make ourselves and the world a better place.

 When you choose living food, life chooses you. Enjoy the many revelations that will be yours. You owe it to yourself–and us.


Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.

Need help getting started? My Book is now available,

How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food Diet” –

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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2 Responses to The Vegan Creed

  1. jim says:

    As a vegeratian i can only ask if you live in the northwest we kill millions of fish in search of hydro elect power, if you use as elect power you are not not holding fish as a sacred commodity, am i wrong? One reason i am a vegeration, not vegan, i think many justlike the term vegan.

    • Hey Jim- No, I do not live in the NW. Sorry to hear about the fish dying as a result of man’s selfishness. I hold all living things sacred and do not eat them. We Vegans hold our consumption close to our hearts. It’s not a fad for us. Good luck w/your diet. Peace. RawGF

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