What Inspires You?

Inspiration comes in many forms. Perhaps it’s the sound of waves crashing or a particular song that transports you back to that place and time when you felt really good. A certain color may catch your eye and raise your consciousness and suddenly, inexplicably, warmth passes over you and through you creating a feeling of euphoria. We have all experienced our favorite food having the same affect. Passages in books reveal images and take our minds on a different trajectory than just that moment before. Smells are a powerful trigger as well. Maybe fresh-mowed grass reminds us of our childhood when joy was found running through the sprinklers. Over and over again we relive these precious moments of our lives on a subconscious level and our emotions are stirred. Consider it a small gift from the ether; our memories. A spectacular view can blow our minds as well, right? Have you ever been on the top of a mountain and reveled at the scenery; a blanket of trees lying at your feet with not a building in sight? Pretty amazing.

If we pause for just a moment and pay attention, inspiration arrives quietly throughout our busy lives. We can only appreciate these moments by being aware. We become more aware by developing and maintaining a clean and healthy body, mind and spirit. To do this to its fullest extent, start with a plant-based diet. By eliminating toxins, we gain an elevated mental acuity and inspiration starts appearing all around us. And who doesn’t want to be inspired? For in these precious moments, our spirit gets a boost and we feel better, however slight or short-lived, and sometimes longer if we’re lucky.

What inspires you? Take a moment to ask yourself this question. Be aware of the world around you and…GET CLEAN! GO RAW!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clean.” ~ Gantama Siddhartha

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