Awaken the Athlete Within – Choose Raw!

Life presents us with endless choices each and every day, large and small and we make our decisions seamlessly, often without thinking and more based on impulse or what’s popular. Deciding for ourselves which is the best course of action isn’t always easy and more often than not, we default to old patterns or choices, without realizing just how damaging these patterns have become.  Or worse, we ask others what is best for us instead of taking a proactive approach.  We get opinions about many topics including movies, books, travel, gyms and the last great equalizer – diets.  Which diet is the best choice for me? How can I get healthier and drop some weight? We go round and round on this topic, hoping for divine intervention once and for all or better yet, the easiest way to get there. Everyone wants to look great but it gets down to what choices are your making (calories in) and what are you willing to DO (calories out) to achieve the end result (lose weight)?

Extreme Athlete and Raw Foodist, Jeff Sekerak
Sycamore Canyon, CA


The most prevalent examples are extreme athletes. Think about cyclists, marathoners or even Olympians, for example. Cyclists need to take exceptional care of their bodies before getting on the bike and taming the miles, which can get into the triple digits for the extremists, with not much more than a pair of water bottles. Marathoners burn through so many calories, it’s a wonder they can eat enough to make it to the finish line and still be able to speak. And look at Olympians who choose to adhere to the strictest of regimens just to obtain the necessary fitness level to compete for one precious moment and be the best in the world. They know that having their bodies in peak shape will give them the edge they most certainly need to win. Yet what all these athletes have in common is the primary choice to take exceptional care of their bodies and pass on temptations that don’t contribute to the end result. Why? Because therein lies the difference between enjoying a sport or excelling and simply limping along, cursing the very body that allows us to excel—if we treat it right.

In my humble opinion, choosing a plant-based diet is the single-most important decision you can make. (Not to say you can’t be an athlete without it although it’s pretty impressive and inspiring to read about raw foodies taking their sports to a new level.) However, the simple fact is by consuming only raw food, our bodies give back to us optimum health, increased vitality and longevity. And that’s just the beginning. There are a myriad of ongoing benefits a raw food diet will give you. And yes, there will be challenges with changing over our dietary choices. Our bodies have been fed lots of bad-for-us food over the years and we’ve come to actually crave these things that don’t serve us very well, if at all. By stopping the intake of these foods, the cravings pass and our bodies begin to heal—at a cellular level. It’s an amazing transformation from the inside out. By feeding ourselves living food, we cleanse the inside, give our bodies energy which will explode outward and begin to lose weight – naturally and at a healthy pace. Our skin and hair react by glowing. Cool stuff! And our overall disposition is one of centeredness and calm. The list goes on and on.

Gone are the days of counting calories. Finally, right? Yes, and you can become an athlete in the process as long as you get moving. Any exercise is better than none, in my book. Start by taking walks. Isn’t your pooch always ready to go? Borrow one if need be. Or maybe park in the furthest spot in the lot and walk to the store. It’s these extra steps that will add up. Before you know it, you’ll want to run, bike, and swim or maybe take up surfing! The possibilities are endless. There are many fitness clubs to join if you just can’t get motivated on your own. Stop by your local Bike Shop and ask about a rental. They’d be happy to help you get pedaling and hey, you might just enjoy it. You get the idea. You have many options at your fingertips. It’s just a matter of deciding to do something. Make a simple choice that will give you huge, ongoing benefits. Pick a sport and get busy. Then you’ll be telling your friends, ‘Hey, have you tried a raw food diet? It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!’ and then they can decide for themselves.

To eat living food means life. Choosing to be kind to yourself means you care about and value yourself. To be as clean inside as you can be will only lend itself to other wonderful rewards. Isn’t that worth a try? To see if you can not only look better but feel better? Definitely.

Awaken the athlete within and be the best you can be. CHOOSE RAW! Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.
Need help getting started? Check out my book, “How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food Diet” at:

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