Make Change Happen – Go Raw!

Change is a slippery slope for most of us. Even hearing the word can send many running. Part of us may be yearning for a change while the other side of us resists; feeling as if we have to give up something really big for it. Perhaps we feel the exchange isn’t quite worth it. We like what we have or who we are before the change comes, whether we chose it or it choses us. And yet, most of the time, change is a good thing. It not only adds to our personal story but it helps us see things differently – if we’re paying attention, that is. We grow. 

Yet when nature changes, we watch the transition in awe and get inspired. Like a flower blooming or beautiful sunset; the sky keeps changing colors from blue to red to orange until that one moment; that little green flash right before it disappears entirely. We feel validated somehow or may it’s just that we made it through another day. Ah, success!  

The same sentiments apply when considering a plant-based diet. Of course change is inevitable in life but when you choose natural, living food and pass on all the processed junk that you’ve become addicted to, your body will go through the greatest change of all; from sickness to ultimate health! It’s an amazing transformation. You look better and feel more alive than ever before. Isn’t that a change worth having?

The Author, Jack Welch wrote, ‘Change before you have to.’ This is so appropriate when talking about diet and illness/disease. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that indicates that most illnesses stem from food rotting inside of us (acidic environment). Our digestive tracks are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and parasites; warm, dark and moist! They love it and thrive there. When you switch to a plant-based diet, you scrape out all this buildup and get cleansed (alkaline environment). That’s where the energy comes into play. And then your body works more efficiently and will adjust your weight to its natural state. It’s all good after that.

Just one simple yet life-long change can yield the greatest benefits of all. Why not embrace change or better yet, make it happen. Start anew. In your own way you help not only yourself but the world around you. If you need a motivator, watch a sunset.

Let change happen in its own right and at its own pace.

CHOOSE HEALTH! GO RAW! Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.

Need help going to a plant-based diet? Check out my book: “How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food

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