Beat the Heat with a Fruit Smoothie~

Summer is already here for many of us and fast approaching for the rest. Wherever you may be in the world, summertime means warmer temps. And while many welcome the change of season after a long winter inside, for example, others of us are on a mission to ‘beat the heat’ at any costs. Well, almost any. We become masters of shade; we know when it arrives and where to go to get the most of it and get out of the sun. After all, there’s only so much we can take.

One of the best ways to feel cooler is to whip up a Fruit Smoothie. Yes, these little joys of heaven take minutes to make and go down real easy. In minutes, you will be feeling healthier and yes, a bit cooler than before.

Here’s how: Chop up 3-4 of your favorite fruits (about 1C each) and toss them in the blender. Add 2C cold, high alkaline water and hit “blend’. Stand back for a real treat. Serve and enjoy! (Quick clean up is a plus too!) Yummy treat for all ages.

You can now happily embrace the summer season and know you have a way to cool down. It’s also a great time to brush the dust off your tennis shoes and take a run or bike or maybe take Fido to the beach or lake. The sunshine is our friend so get outside and get moving!

CHOOSE SUNSHINE! GO RAW! Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.

Need help going to a plant-based diet? Check out my book: “How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food

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