Love a Banana – It’ll Do Your Heart Good

What’s not to love about a banana? These guys are just so versatile and so good for you! What a deal! We can get them pretty much year-round. In fact, did you know that there are hundreds of varieties? They are easy to carry and travel well too. They can be large, medium or small, diced, sliced or dipped in chocolate. With seeds or without, short, fat or long. Frozen or not, bananas are just plain fun! The list of accolades goes on and on.

Most of us already know that nutritionally speaking, they are THE source of potassium, essential for both a healthy heart and a necessary mineral to keep our blood pressures in check. Did you know that bananas can also help divert other ills affecting our eyes? That’s right. And consuming them promotes kidney health as well as stronger bones. In fact, bananas also help with elimination issues and improve our nutrient absorption in the colon. How’s that for benefits?! This fruit is worth its weight in gold.

For all us vegans out there, these guys are a mainstay in our diets. A no brainer, right? Yes. They are a great base for just about any smoothie, are easy to grab and go or if we’re just wanting a little snack. For the rest of you, if you’re thinking about going to a plant-based diet or maybe haven’t had a banana in a while, run out right now and pick up a bunch at your local grocer. Enjoy these yellow powerhouses and think how nice you’re being to yourself.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

Think health. GO RAW~ Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.

Want to be a Vegan? Get my book: “How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food Diet I did it. So can you – at any age!

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