Sleeping Beauties

We all know that getting a good night’s rest make us feel better the following day. On the best of days, we awake feeling rested and rejuvenated, ready to take on another day. We forge ahead feeling easy and are nicer to others. Maybe even the little things don’t bother us so much. For those of you who are not in this category, there is hope. Read on.
The good news is the benefits of sleep are numerous starting with repairing the body. Sleep also keeps our hearts healthy, our stress levels down, improves our memory, helps regulate our glucose keeping diabetes at bay, decreases our funky moods and helps keep our weight down. How’s that for rewards?! So it’s critical to have a comfy bed, a dedicated space and be consistent with a sleep schedule. All of these keep our bodies fully restored. Are you participating in all of these three? Let’s hope so.

The bad news is that without sleep, our judgment is severely impaired, our moods are ‘off’ and our ability to learn is diminished so make sure you’re getting between 7-8 hrs./night – if at all possible. If you skimp on the necessary time to rest, you’re only hurting yourself. Why risk it?

Overall, sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health, longevity and emotional wellbeing. I’d like to think a plant-based diet lends itself to all of these and more! Maybe a great dream will descend upon you during REM and you’ll awake feeling inspired, younger or more loving towards another.

Choose rest. GO RAW! Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.

Want to be a Vegan? Get my book: “How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food Diet I did it. So can you – at any age!

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