Eating Out Vegan Style? Stay Local

Ok, so you’re still wondering if being a Vegan means giving up on the enjoyment of eating out. I’m here to tell you that partaking in a meal that someone else makes, is what makes dining out fun! So, keep your eyes peeled for those places you pass everyday but for some reason, are hesitant to patron. Like me, you may be unaware of management changes and return to find the menu that reads like it is made for you; VEGAN CHOICES. Yeah! I’ve arrived.

And so it is with my local eatery, The Midtown Cafe, which has changed hands many times and yet again, most recently unbeknownst to me. Lucky for me, I know the Chef personally and Nick really has his Vegan hat on fulltime. He’s created some really great stuff thanks to the new manager who continues to give him the freedom he needs to make these amazing creations.


My latest visit included the Lunch Special: Vegetarian Panini (sans cheese) and a tossed salad as a side. The verdict? Yum! Yum! A side of Wheatgrass juice is added for good measure and is almost too pretty to drink. An urn of help-yourself chilled water tops it off. The atmosphere is  light, bright and hip. It’s a far cry from it’s predecessor and thankfully, the staff and Nick were spared.

Juice2Happy eating! Remember to support your local eateries if you can. They appreciate it.

CHOOSE VEGAN! GO RAW! THINK GREEN! Change your food. Change your life. Change the world.

Want to be a Vegan? Get my book: “How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food Diet I did it. So can you – at any age!

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2 Responses to Eating Out Vegan Style? Stay Local

  1. jeffsekerak says:

    Cool. I got the notification from wordpress for this post. A great one too! Good pics, well done!!

    🙂 j

    • J- Glad to hear it. I’m pleased to be able to walk to this place and have lots of vegan choices. And the place is doing well so it should last. Hope all is well otherwise.

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