Pass on the Gadgets and Gizmos for Weight Loss – Go Vegan Instead

If one thing is certain in the world today, it’s that weight loss takes time and discipline. Nothing comes easy or fast as some advertisements would have you believe.

TummyShaper SmTake the latest gadget or gizmo named the “Lipo” Tummy Shaper. Evidently this item, when worn, ‘helps make you slimmer each time you wear it!’ Really? I find this claim to be a bit, shall we say, of fluff.  If it were really that easy, every gym in the world would go out of business.

Truth be told, having a trim, fit, lean body takes work to get and maintenance to keep. And no amount of clothing is going to speed up the process. However, there are some steps that can give you a better sense of yourself and put you on the right path to the best weight loss tip ever: Do it naturally; calories in (diet) vs. calories out (exercise).

Let’s start by taking an honest look at your diet.  It’s safe to assume that most people are eating out of habit and not being very mindful of what they put in their mouths.  Food is addicting just like any other substance. And we crave what we eat.  Besides, who has time to make a meal anymore? Isn’t it easier to go through the drive-thru or order take-out? And don’t forget the adult beverage.  Happy Hours are super easy, right? But, how is any of that behavior going to help you lose weight? So it’s time to change your thinking and get serious.  And stop buying all that junk food already. A vegan diet is your best bet to eliminate all the toxins and lose weight naturally. It’s easy to do once you do it. You’ll feel better and have more strength and clarity than ever.

The second part of this is your exercise program.  Do you put in the effort to get moving and burn some calories whenever the chance?  Did you forget what it’s like to play in the grass?  What sport really gets your blood pumping? Yeah, that one.  Go after it and participate however you can. Get in the game instead of watching from the sidelines or from your living room couch.

Do what you can to pull both of these into alignment – and fast! Because every day you sit instead of stand, drive instead of walk, walk instead of bike, or bike instead of run, your body is keeping on all that weight you so eagerly want off.  And why not try to only eat HALF of that meal or split it with another and pass on dessert?  Start by doing small things until you can do more.  At least taking a step in the right direction is a beginning. Before you know it, you’ll have great momentum and look better. And then, your clothes are a little bit looser and people start saying how great you look. Voila~ weight loss success! Yeah, it’s that easy. You get the idea. Motion begets motion so get moving.

So don’t be fooled by these wonder products that promise weight loss miracles. Isn’t that cheating? I mean, you still have to take the thing off at the end of the day, right? If you want a flat tummy, do body-weight exercises like sit-ups and crunches.

Be real. Get real. Make changes. Be healthy and get on with life.  No one wants to be overweight and miserable and facing a life of disease, health issues and hospitals. Do you?


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Want to be a Vegan and don’t know where to start? Get my book: “How I Lost 50 Lbs. on the Raw Food Diet” for only $9.99. It’s easy and fun to get healthy. Try it, you’ll like it. I did it. So can you – at any age!

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  1. jeffsekerak says:

    Awesome post you ‘raw maniac!’ One of your best, I”d say! 🙂

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