Need Inspiration to Simplify? Think Like a Turtle


As a minimalist, everything around me needs to be functional in some way or it just starts to bug me. So, throughout the year, I periodically take stock of how much stuff I own. It’s a lot; probably more than I need because most of it goes untouched or unused and starts accumulating. Before too long, I’m feeling choked by it all. Why is that one thing so important? Turns out, it’s not. Not by a long shot. And then self-reflection takes over and the decision is made; think like a turtle! Swim through life with all that I need right here, on my back. Simple living defined; take only what you can carry.


As I tour my home and assess all of my belongings, I begin to feel heavy. It’s true what they say about belongings; your stuff has energy! So deciding to purge the unnecessary becomes easy. I…

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