The Vegan Road less traveled

thumbnailAfter a rather long (and unplanned) hiatus, my return here is to declare that, YES, my vegan way of life continues; I walk the Vegan road less traveled. Easy enough with all the health benefits. Who wouldn’t choose a plant-based existence? Turns out, (unfortunately) many.

I’ve made it through countless celebrations of all sorts without having to cheat or return to harmful intake of anything. Dining out continues and the rearranging of menus that goes with it. Easy enough. Vacations and holidays? Done. It all comes down to deciding what’s best for me. Skip the declarations. Those who know me, know my choices and give me options.

So this post is made with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this open and welcoming path of nutrition and tons of choices that keeps giving back. It remains the best decision I have made to date.

If you’re on the fence about going vegan and think that you’ll lose more than you will gain, think again. Sure, adjustments will have to be made yet you have to remind yourself that it’s YOUR body and your future. Why not make a decision to choose healthy? I mean do you really want to have health issues in life? Say no to poor health and feeling sluggish and YES to a plant-based diet and feeling awesome! Choose you. You’re worth it.







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