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Passing Through a Gate

Every time I chance upon a gate, I consider it an invitation or opportunity to pass through it (or under it, if covered) and enjoy an alternate view (or path); it gives me a different perspective with just a few steps … Continue reading

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Make Change Happen – Go Raw!

Change is a slippery slope for most of us. Even hearing the word can send many running. Part of us may be yearning for a change while the other side of us resists; feeling as if we have to give up … Continue reading

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The Vegan Creed

Vegans and veganism remain largely misunderstood and chastised by just about everyone (i.e. meat eaters) who obviously have not read or adopted the Vegan Creed. These masses have convinced themselves that eating meat (i.e. dead animals) and consuming processed foods … Continue reading

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Give The Ultimate Gift – To Yourself!

Life is short. We all know this only too well. And stressful. Time is the enemy, running through the hourglass of our lives creating pressure from just about every direction to do more, have more and basically, BE more. Before … Continue reading

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You’re a Vegan?!

Vegans know the tone of this question very well. “You’re a Vegan?! Wow. That’s really strict. I could never do that.” And then a hush falls on the room and suddenly all attention shifts towards you as if a foreign creature is now standing … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

New years means new goals. What better way to compliment yourself than choosing to get healthy and look better for it? There is nothing more satisfying than accomplishing a raw food diet and shedding all those unwanted pounds – naturally. … Continue reading

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